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Dynamic Pressure Care Mattress

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  • £ 1,500.00

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    The Royal Active Mattress is a high quality solution for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores.17 air cells are powered by the Royal Pump, which carefully alternates the mattress in an even cycle, distributing patient weight and providing relief to pressure sores. Simple to use, the pump is also complete with a timed static mode. 

    £ 1,500.00
  • £ 1,395.00

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    The Sapphire Plus Active Mattress is designed for use within many care environments.An affordable active mattress, the Sapphire Plus is a fully profiling, replacement system.30 independent air cells are powered by the Gemini II pump, which alternate to provide service users with the up-most support.A 2″ layer of foam lays beneath the air...

    £ 1,395.00
  • £ 1,150.00

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    Designed for use within many care environments, the Sapphire Active Mattress is a cost-effective, replacement system.20 independent air cells rest on a 2″ layer of static foam, to provide service users with pressure relief and treat bed sores.The head end has 3 static cells, allowing service users to rest comfortable while their body weight is...

    £ 1,150.00
  • £ 4,750.00

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    The Rotational Active Mattress is a high quality, replacement active mattress system with alternative therapy settings.Designed to assist with pulmonary complications and treatment for existing pressure ulcers, the mattress is suitable for patients in need of very high pressure relief.Very High Risk: Substantial pressure relief for service users 

    £ 4,750.00
  • £ 3,150.00

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    The Wondermat Active Mattress is designed to constantly maintain interface pressures, below capillary closure for very high risk patients.This system features a user friendly control unit, with an adjustable pulsation cycle time of 3 – 20 minutes and a static mode, which diffuses 100 litres of air per minute under the patient to keep them dry and...

    £ 3,150.00
  • £ 1,800.00

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    The Duke Extra Active Mattress has been built using the same design and technologies as the Duke Replacement, with an additional foam surround.The additional foam makes the Duke Extra suitable for wider beds, such as the Community 1200 Profile Bed, and has a weight limit of 50 Stone (317K kg).The viscotop foam used is cut so the mattress is able...

    £ 1,800.00
  • £ 1,650.00

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    The Duke Active Mattress is a high quality, intelligent, replacement mattress.Designed for a more frail service user, the system provides a very high degree of pressure relief.Powered by the Duke Pump, the mattress system is able to self-set.This intelligent feature removes the risk for error when installing, correcting and providing correct...

    £ 1,650.00
  • £ 1,450.00

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    The Cavalier II Active Mattress is a popular replacement system, designed for use within all care environments.Fitted with the Cavalier II Pump, the system is quiet and easy to maintain.The Cavalier II Pump powers the replacement mattress, and features a audible mains failure alarm, a low pressure indicator and has recently been renewed to provide...

    £ 1,450.00
  • £ 645.00

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    The Prime Comfort Active mattress combines all the benefits of our Prime Comfort Plus mattress, plus so much more.Built using both static foam and alternating air cells, the mattress can be used with or without the pump.This combination means patients at a very high risk of developing pressure ulcers, will still be protected when the mattress is...

    £ 645.00
  • £ 595.00

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    The Chatsworth Active Mattress system is suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in high risk patients.Being a complete replacement system, the mattress is able to be used without an underlay.16 cells make up the mattress, and are all removable to aid with decontamination.

    £ 595.00
  • £ 495.00

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    The Opal Plus is a full replacement system, suitable for the treatment of pressure ulcers in high risk patients.Consisting of an alternating overlay system on an integral foam base, the cover has two compartments to separate the two.Pump which quietly operates and assists the patient and carer by showing a low pressure indicator, when the overlay...

    £ 495.00
  • £ 1,595.00

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    The Partnership active mattress is a double sized system, made up of both foam and alternating air cells – one on either side.Viscofoam makes up one half of the mattress, which provides comfort and support to the patient.The air cells makes up the other half, alternating to redistribute patient weight to provide high levels of pressure relief.

    £ 1,595.00
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