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Static Foam Mattresses

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  • £ 300.00

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    The Viscoflex Mattress with Multibearing Surface, is an excellent pressure relieving mattress providing comfort, stability and protection.The viscoelastic foam which moulds to the patients body shape, and the varying firmness in foam throughout each zonal area both provide extra pressure relief to the body.

    £ 300.00
  • £ 600.00

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    The Viscoflex Air Plus Air Static Mattress is built on the same viscoelastic foam base as the Viscoflex mattress, but with an enhanced performance.Polyair cells have been added to the key positions of the mattress – the heel and lower back areas.Polyair cells helps to improve contact surface an pressure distribution through the customised...

    £ 600.00
  • £ 348.00

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    The Viscoflex Evolutive Static Mattress is our more enhanced mattress in the Viscoflex range.Positioning specialist foam inserts across key areas of the mattress allows for more pressure relief and comfort.The varying firmness in foam at zonal areas contributes to the additional support.This mattress is suitable for users at a very high risk...

    £ 348.00
  • £ 715.00

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    The Kinetic Air static mattress is a replacement mattress system, combining air displacement technologies with the benefits of a static foam mattress.As the patient moves, internal air pressure is redistributed through a system of valves.This redistribution prevents the patient from overheating whilst laying on the mattress, as the foam can breath.

    £ 715.00
  • £ 245.00

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    The Prime Comfort Plus Static Mattress is an excellent static mattress, which provides great patient comfort.Side wall construction encases the foam, enhancing stability for the patient and assisting in patient transfer.A castellated foam top allows excess heat to escape from beneath the foam, preventing the patient from overheating whilst laid on...

    £ 245.00
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items