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    Elita Low Profiling Bed by Harvest Healthcare.For patients at risk of falling out of bed, it's crucial that a low profiling bed is used so as to minimise the risk of injury from falls.The Harvest Elita Low Profiling Bed is designed with an ultra-low profile of 255mm, reducing the risk of patient injury and providing peace of mind to carers and...

    £ 1,478.00
  • £ 695.00

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    Woburn Community Low Profiling Bed.For patients at a higher risk of rolling when in bed, and possibly falling, the Community Low offers the benefit of a lower entry and exit height.The platform lowers to just 220mm from floor level, reducing the risk of injury should a patient fall.The 4 part profiling bed is designed especially for the...

    £ 695.00
  • £ 1,095.00

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    The Woburn Ultra-Low Bed - high quality specification.With unique features allowing the platform to be lowered 67mm off floor level, the Ultra-Low Bed provides user safety and reliability.Being able to lower to just 67mm from floor level, the bed is built for use without the need of side rails.Reduces impact and allows the user to safely roll...

    £ 1,095.00
  • £ 750.00

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    The Woburn Low Profiling Bed – v4.The 4 section profiling bed includes high quality control systems, a reduced platform and is now able to hold a higher weight capacity.Purpose built to lower to 220mm, the platform can bring patients closer to the floor significantly reducing the risk of injury for those likely to roll out of bed.Collapsible...

    £ 750.00
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items